From my personal experiences as a psychotherapist and wilderness explorer, I’ve come to believe in the transformative and healing power of nature that comes from interacting with the natural world.  My photographs capture small glimpses of this wonderland and its healing potential and bring them to indoor spaces.  Here we can connect and interact daily with the natural world in our homes and offices.

These images create and help healers hold a safe, peaceful space for healing.  Before I display or sell my photographs, I sit with them in ceremony with the intention of amplifying the inherent healing qualities of nature they capture.  Then, I visualize all of my pictures connected to each other and the earth in an energetic, healing web that helps sustain their healing power over time.

Several practitioners (yoga teachers, massage therapists, psychotherapists, shamans) decorate their offices and studios with my canvas prints.  I’d love to expand out into healing spaces around the world.  If you are interested, contact me directly!